Idea Infotainment & Technology Labs Pvt. Ltd.,

Strictly Commercial Projects

If a client is commercially motivated at the cost of the project's design maturity.

Bad Bargains

If the client negotiates beyond reasoning and is unable to understand the importance and quantity of intangible work involved.

Penny Wise Pound Foolish

If the client is not willing to follow standards such as soil testing, electronic site surveys, abiding mandates and byelaws etc.

Limited Minds

If the client gives priority to some pre-conceived notions over bringing out the potentials of the project.

Design Hoppers

If another architect was involved and was not paid / acknowledged for his / her efforts.

NIL Acknowledgement

If we're denied of our design credits or our photographic rights at the end of the project.

I want it yesterday

If the client has mismanaged the project's time and wants the burden to be transfered to the architect at the cost of design process and creativity. Creativity cannot be rushed and will end up costing a lot in the long run.

Stigma Obsessed

If the client is obsessed over social stigmas like Vastu / Fengshui to the extent it interferes in getting the basics of a good design. However we make sure we work along these without any compromise on the design, if the client is willing to rationalise on the subject.

Copy Paste

If the client wants an exact copy of another design done by us or any other architect./p>

Chaotic Teams

If there're too many stake holders involved in taking basic design decisions. We can work only for one master who'll be the voice of all stake holders.

Only Drafting

We need our creative freedom to work on any project. If we're dictated about what to do, we'll wonder why we're hired in the first place.

Brushing It Under Carpet

If the client will conveniently pass payment delays on his/her side to be handled by an accountant but insists on progress in our work, without understanding we're dependent on it.