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Introduction: Whenever we conduct the Central Elections, it will be the largest egalitarian election in the world. In a large country like India everyone above the age of 18 has the right to vote. Even a single vote can change the fate of the entire Indian constitution. But are we aware of the power of that one drop of ink on our index finger? Are we dutiful to our motherland by helping in choosing the right leader?


The voting percentage in our country always hiccups around 58-62%. Sometimes it even goes down the wire to 48-50%. Even educated people avoid voting. They have their reasons which range from 'not interested in politics', 'one vote will not change anything' to even the worst avowal, 'who will stand in the queue?' This inactive role of genuine voters also prompted interested parties to get fake names included in the electoral rolls of a particular area.

The Solution:

In order to make a change in their minds, we Idea ITL along with Rathinam Educational Institutions took an initiative. A special bus meandered on the streets accentuating the significance of voting. Named it as 'Election Express', the bus rambled all around the Coimbatore city. Carrying special posters, showcasing voting awareness videos, it canvassed scrupulously just like the election contestants! One of our aims is to attract the young students (who are voting for the first or second time) towards the election booths.


A considerable increase in the voting percentage of Coimbatore city has been cited. Mainly the rural and lower voter turnout areas witnessed a good improvement. The total voting percentage in Coimbatore is 68.3%, which is more than what we got during last elections.

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Happy Client Says

"Idea Infotainment is undertaking the entire marketing and advertising process of Rathinam Educational Institutions for the past few years. Their service has been extraordinary and their deliveries were on time. They are certainly aware of all the new technologies in the global arena, which makes them unique among other digital agencies."
Prof. R.Manickam, CEO, Rathinam Group of Institutions.

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