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SMS Queue Alert System

Lower Voter Turnout is always a major setback in establishing a powerful democracy. Studies reveal the percentages of eligible voters arriving to cast their votes are very much below average. What is the reason behind all this? Even though the public has interest to cast their votes, they are not ready to spend their time by standing in the long queue. Motivating them will require a sustained effort!

Rathinam Institutions partnered along with Coimbatore District Administration to create a solution. We came up with an innovative strategy as an answer which will pull the people to polling booths.

If a person messages their booth name to our automated messaging service number 09248082864, they will get a reply with the crowd status of that respective booth. In that way, people will get to know how many people are standing in the queue and they can decide on when to go to the booth to cast their vote.

We selected 51 lower voter turnout booths which come under the Coimbatore constituency. The sole aim of this idea is to improve the voting percentage substantially.


This campaign yielded greater results, as many people eagerly messaged to know the status of their poll booths. Coimbatore District Administration appreciated our efforts as it increased the percentage of voting in lower turnout areas.

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